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ravi with white wine or rosÉ

Ravi will chill a white or a rosé to the perfect temperature, should it have been left at room temperature a little too long.

With a bottle already chilled in a wine cellar or in the refrigerator, no need to bother with an ice bucket any more or to go back and forth to the refrigerator during your meal. Simply place the ravi on the bottle when ready to serve the wine and enjoy your wine cool to the last drop, as it should be!

Should you be caught off guard with a warm bottle of white wine that you wish to drink, thanks to the ravi you will be able to chill 2 to 3 glasses to the perfect serving temperature (8-12 degrees Celsius) without having to wait. With a warm wine, the secret is to block the valve with your thump for a few seconds, keeping the wine inside the ravi a little longer, until it reaches the desired temperature. The longer the wine stays in the ravi and the slower the flow is, the cooler the wine will be.

Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy a glass of perfectly chilled white or rosé wine, even if you did not have time to chill it. Just use the ravi!

The chart below shows suggested serving temperatures for white and rosés wines.

Wine Style Examples Suggested
Crisp, Dry White Wines Muscadet – Sancerre – Sauvignon – Alsace-Italian 6° to 8° C
43° to 46° F
Complex Dry White Wines Burgundy – Graves – Chardonnay - Rioja 9° to 12° C
46° to 54° F
Finest Dry White Wines Mature Wines 10° to 12° C
50° to 54° F
Finest Sweet White Wines Sauternes – Late-Havest Wines 11° to 13° C
52° to 55° F
Rosé Wines All types 6° to 8° C
43° to 46° F

Ravi is greatly appreciated with red wines. Ravi enables you to bring your red wine instantaneously from room temperature to a proper serving temperature. As for with other alcoholic beverages, ravi will also be of great use.

ravi with reds
    ravi with others